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Projet Gaia (French Version)

1-4 joueurs A partir de 14 ans 120 minutes de jeu env. Projet Gaia est un jeu Space Opera dans l’univers du désormais plus que célèbre Terra Mystica. Dans ce jeu tactiquement exigeant, pas de chance ou hasard. Chaque joueur incarne l‘une des 14 différentes factions possibles souhaitant coloniser une galaxie en s’implantant sur ses différentes planètes....
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Super Meeple - The Artemis Project (French Version)

12+1-5 joueurs60-75minLe projet Artemis commence !Europe, la lune gelée de Jupiter, commence à peine à être explorée. Après des décennies d'efforts pour rendre l’air respirable et les températures supportables, les explorations des grands océans se trouvant sous l’épaisse couche de glace ont débuté. Les profondeurs marines sont réchauffées par une...
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Supermeeple - Dice Hospital

10+1-4 players1-2 hours of playDice Hospital is a worker placement game, in which as many patients as possible will have to be treated in order to reassure the local authorities.Players use their hospital staff to treat patients on their hospital player board. However, players can also call on specialist staff to respond to certain emergency situations...
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Supermeeple - Maracaibo

1 - 4 players
1 to 2 hours of play

Embody a navigator in the Caribbean in the 17th century!In the 17th century, three great nations, France, England and Spain, attempted to establish their supremacy in the new lands of the Caribbean.Each of you will embody privateers who will seek adventure and riches to obtain maximum glory. To achieve this, you...
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Supermeeple Amun-Re (French version)

3-5 joueurs12+Durée approx. d’une partie : 90 mn Dive into the heart of ancient Egypt, play the role of a pharaoh and make history by building the most grandiose pyramids! Double your opponents to acquire the best provinces! Cultivate your fields and build pyramids! Don't forget to make offerings to Amun-Re so that the Nile fertilizes your land... then...
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Supermeeple Amun-Re - card game

Number of players: 2-5 Age: 14+Average duration of a game: 30-60 minAmun-Re the card game is a game by Reiner Knizia, derived from the famous board game Amun-Re published in 2003 and reissued by Super Meeple notably in 2016. The game takes up the essence of the board game and brings a new hand management mechanic. Each player embodies a pharaoh who will...
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Supermeeple Couleurs de Paris (French Version)

2-4 players10+Duration of a game: 20 minutes per player A friendly competition is launched within the large Parisian workshop of painters "le Bateau-Lavoir" located in Montmartre to determine who will soon take over the reins and whose name could become as famous as that of one of your illustrious predecessors: Cézanne, Monet, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec......
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Supermeeple Cuzco (French version)

2-4 players14+Approx. duration of a game: 90 min. CUZCO is the third part of the trilogy of masks by the famous authors M. Kiesling and W. Kramer. It is the new edition of JAVA, which was edited in 2000 between TIKAL and MEXICA. Once again, Supermeeple has taken great care in the material and design of the game for your greatest pleasure. Weight: 2,4...
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Supermeeple Fuji (French version)

2-4 players10+Duration of a game: 30-45 min. You play a group of adventurers on the road to Mount Fuji, the famous Japanese volcano. But just before you reach the goal, the earth begins to shake and the volcano erupts! Dimensions: 31.5 x 22.5 x 4.5 cmWeight: 800g
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Supermeeple Glen More 2 Chronicles

2-4 players12+Playing time: 1-2h French version 2020. Glen More II: Chronicles is an independent sequel and new, enhanced and improved version of the original Glen More game, released in 2010 by Ravensburger. Dimensions: 37.5 x 27 x 11 cmWeight: 3.25 kg
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Supermeeple La Quête du Bonheur - Deck KS1

12+1-4 players120min The Quest for Happiness: KS Promos 1 and 2 include all the additional content generated during The Quest for Happiness participatory fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. This includes more Projects, Objects, Activities and Partners in your games as well as several new mini extensions: Friends, Events, Trends, Animals and Autonomous...
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