Days of Wonder Ticket to Ride multilingual edition

2 to 5 Players
From 8 years old
Duration 30 to 60 minutes

Rules in DE - FR - IT

The Adventurers of the Rail series is one of the most famous in recent years: more than three million copies have been sold and the game has won a dozen international awards!

Les Aventuriers du Rail is a series of train games full of Cornelian choices. Rules so simple that they fit on a train ticket, superb equipment and remarkable illustrations all contribute to the call of adventure ...

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2 to 5 Players
From 8 years old
Duration 30 to 60 minutes

Rules in DE - FR - IT

The Adventurers of the Rail, a captivating game

In this game, return to the golden age of railroading. Set out to conquer the railways and try to take control of the American rail network by connecting as many cities as possible.

At the beginning of the game, each player must determine his or her objectives. Objectives represent a link between two cities that the player must establish if he does not want to be penalized. These objectives are very important for the progress of the game, because if a player manages to achieve them, he will earn bonus points. Otherwise, he will be given a penalty and will lose points. In each round, players have the choice between 3 actions: drawing objectives, collecting wagon cards, and spending the cards to control the railway lines.

A player takes control of a line using cards of the same color as the track. Once controlled, the line belongs to the player and no more participants can take control of it. At the end of the game, a bonus of 10 points is given to the player with the longest railway line.

The Adventurers of the Rail, a strategic and unavoidable game

To triumph over your opponents, you'll need to know how to use your cards at the right time and keep your goals within reach. Take control of the railroad tracks and block the other participants in their desire to conquer.

The game has won major gaming awards such as the Golden Ace in 2005 and the Spiel des Jahres in 2004. Thanks to accessible mechanics, quickly explained rules and the dreamy and poetic world of 19th century railways, the game has become a must in toy libraries.


    1 U.S. railroad plateau
    225 coloured wagons
    144 picture cards
    5 score markers
    1 rule book FR + DE

Download the rules (PDF)

Dimensions: 29.8 x 29.8 x 7.6 cm
Weight: 1.27kg


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