Sit Down ! - Magic Maze

1-8 players
30min game

In this cooperative game, a magician, a barbarian, an elf and a dwarf embark on an original mission: steal the Magic Maze shopping centre to recover their stolen goods. Players have 3 minutes to complete one of the 17 scenarios in the box. All in silence!

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1-8 players
30min game

A real-time cooperative game

Stripped of all their belongings, a group of adventurers, made up of a magician, a barbarian, an elf and a dwarf, embark on a strange mission: the flight of Magic Maze, the local shopping centre.

Their goal: to recover all the equipment necessary for their next adventure. But it's not that simple. The 4 heroes must manage to agree to commit their theft simultaneously and escape from the guards who have been watching them since their arrival.

The players who embody the group as a whole play together to succeed in getting out of Magic Maze without getting caught by the guards.

Magic Maze, a common goal limited in time

Players win the game if :

  •     The 4 Heroes manage to leave the shopping centre within the time limit set
  •     The 4 heroes each stole an object

Players have only 3 minutes to complete their mission. But don't panic! Hourglass boxes are there to allow them to increase this time during the game. If the Hourglass is completely depleted before the Heroes are out, then the game is lost for all players.

And as if the time imperative was not enough, the game forbids communication (except for certain specific moments) between players. This makes collaboration more complex.

During most of the game, the only means of communication allowed are :

  •     staring insistently at another player
  •     Place the "Do something! "pawn (the big red pawn) in front of a player to let them know that it is their turn to do something.

Magic Maze, a game with scenarios

One of Magic Maze's great strengths lies in the proposed scenarios. The game offers players no less than 17 different scenarios and 7 different levels, each with its own specificities. Thus, players can play for long hours without falling into a routine that would diminish interest in the game. The gameplay of Magic Maze is therefore optimal.

Contents :

  •     24 tiles Shopping centre
  •     4 Heroes pawns
  •     12 tokens Out of service
  •     16 Action tiles
  •     1 hourglass of 3 minutes
  •     1 pawn "Do something!"
  •     1 score sheet
  •     1 tile Vol
  •     1 sheet of stickers

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