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Tiny Magic CarPet Colors - Blue Cubes

The Tiny Magic play mats have different themes and are each provided with storage for small wooden cars, dolls or characters made of fabric and pencils (included), depending on the theme. After the game, simply roll them up and hold them with the elastic band to transport them.This CarPet play mat contains 3 small wooden cars and is handmade in Belgium....
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Tiny Magic Maison de poupées - Purple White Dots

This little dollhouse opens up to a whole new level! There is a family with parents and little brother and sister, even the dog tags along. The cat is already sitting in the sofa waiting for them. All made out of Oeko-Tex cotton fabric. It is 14 cm x 7 cm x 4,5 cm. When it is folded open it is 28 cm x 32 cm.
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Tiny Magic Drawing Kit - Blue Circus Animals

Tiny Magic is a Belgian story, the story of a mother of twins who was looking for a way to keep her children occupied while on the move.Included:     12 coloured pencils 8,5 cm     large diameter + 1 pencil sharpener + 1 drawing block (10.5 x 14.7 cm, 50 pages) Approx. dimensions: 32 x 37 cm (unfolded), 29 x 16 cm (drawing pocket)Not suitable for children...
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Luluche - Downtown Boogie CLASSIC

From 4 years old1.8 x 1.2 m // Boogie Town's essentials for any child's room. Sirens are wailing in the center of town, and there's some shady business going on somewhere in the commercial district. Anything can happen in Boogie Town.The Downtown Boogie small car carpet is made on vinyl (or PVC). PVC is one of the most widely used materials in our daily...
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Luluche - Downtown Boogie POCKET

From 4 years old1.2 x 1.2 m // Downtown Boogie Town for a play mat to take everywhere with you. The sirens are whistling in downtown Boogie Town and there's something fishy going on in an alley somewhere. Anything can happen in Boogie Town.The Downtown Boogie small car mat is made of vinyl (or PVC). PVC is one of the most widely used materials in our...
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Luluche - Downtown Boogie BIG!

From 4 years old2 x 2 m // With a 4m2 decor, this is a unique carpet in the world to play with the little cars. Shady business at the docks? A suburb too quiet? Sirens whistling in the city center? Anything can happen in Boogie Town.The Downtown Boogie Carpet is made of vinyl (or PVC). PVC is one of the most widely used materials in our daily lives. It is...
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Spielba - Stack rainbow 10 parts

12m +The real fun comes from the many play possibilities. By lining them up, the individual arches become a long tunnel, for example. The rainbow can also be sorted and stacked.Length: 29.50 cmWidth: 18 cmHeight: 5 cmWeight: 1.11 kgMaterial: Wood
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Djeco - Story to create - Knights

6 - 10 years oldThis set will give your child the opportunity to create as many stories as they want. Illustrated sheets, stencils for the backgrounds and characters to stamp to bring them to life. Create, tell and let your child's imagination run wild.Dimensions box: 23.5 x 23 x 4 cmContents: 10 illustrated cards (20 x 40 cm), 3 stencil plates (20 x 20...
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Tender Leaf Toys - Formula One Racing Playmat

3+Vroom vroom! Have fun playing with our Formula One Racing mat. Place the barricades, set the racing flags, and start a race! This set includes 2 colored wooden formula one cars, a finishing line, 2 racing flags and 6 barricades and a beautifully printed canvas playmat. Product size: 28.35" x 20.08" x 2.72"Weight: 0.66 lbs
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Djeco - Factory Insectarium

8+Mixing art and crafts? It's possible with this creative, original and fun workshop!The kit contains everything you need to make two insect-themed light boards.The little tinkerers use the copper adhesive, which serves as a conductor, to trace the electrical circuits. They then add the LEDs and batteries. The pictures are almost ready!To put the...
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Djeco - Spirals Block 10 Themes

7+Discover Djeco's 10-theme block spiral workshop, a fun and creative activity for children ages 7 to 13 who will create beautiful spirals on 30 illustrated pages.Your child will appreciate the magnetic device that keeps them still. Place your image on the metal plate, add a frame and then choose your wheel to make pretty, colorful spirals.This set...
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Tender Leaf - Musical Table

3+Compose a forest symphony! Musical notes roll off the xylophone and the mushroom bell tops jingle as you hit them with your acorn stick. Bang the tree trunk drums, blow through the birdie whistle, clack the butterfly wings, sound an echo with the stirring wood chime. Rub the stick along the hedgehog back, what a hullabaloo of musical notes!Product size:...
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