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Ocarina - MP3 Player

Ocarina contains an extensive collection of tracks, including fairy tales and songs in 5 different languages: Italian, French, English, German and Spanish. All tracks are produced and realized exclusively by OcarinaSound.

The Classic Edition contains 10 Playlists for a total of 47 tracks:

  •     Canzonette

  •     Fables
English Rhymes

  •     Cuentos para niños
The Suitcase of Talent
The Suitcase of Talent

  •     The Suitcase of Talent

  •     Märchen

Size: cm 7.7 x 17.7 - h 2.7
Size of the box : cm 11.3 x 22 - h 5.4
Weight : 200 gr

Usable from birth

Made in Italy

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