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Chess for outdoor and indoor use. Extra large figures, king size approx. 27 cm, playing surface approx. 158 x 158 cm with four pegs for easy fixing. The playing surface is foldable and the figures in the classic black/white design are made of high quality polyethylene.

Size: 158x158cm

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2+ players
Playing time : 10 minutes

Giant tower, the famous...giant tower!

Build the tower by placing the bricks one on top of the other until the top.

But be careful, the player who makes the tower fall, loses!

A classic game for the whole family and anyone with light hands.

  •     Classic game with lots of size!
  •     Classic stacking game full of twists and turns.
  •     With a few rules, you can start playing right away!

Size: 23 x 22.5 x 11.5 cm (box)

Contents: 1 storage box, 1 set of rules, 30 wooden pieces

Collection: Outdoor

Manufacturer: Tactic

Standard: CE

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Tactic - Kubb

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2 players or more
30min of play

Kubb is a game of skill, with wooden pieces, which combines the game of horseshoes, chess and bowling. It can be played individually or in teams. Who will be the first to overthrow the king?

But before that, you have to "eliminate" all his jacks, and before the other team of course!

Contents: 1 King (5x5x20.5cm high), 10 kubb = Jacks (4.5x4.5x10cm high), 6 throwing sticks (2.5cm diameter x 20.5cm high), 4 field markers (1.5cm diameter x 15cm high) Wood type: Pine.

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Make giant bubbles with SES Creative! You can keep your kids busy for hours by making 10-foot-long bubbles!

To do this, simply:

1.hold the sticks next to each other and dip the string in the liquid
2. Remove it from the liquid and gently pull the sticks apart
3. A bubble is now forming, back up slowly and watch how the bubble grows
4. If it is big enough, move the sticks closer together
5. The giant bubble will now float

Sweet and yummy, they crunch under the tooth and sometimes contain tasty chips... These are cookies! Will you accept ours?