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Buki - Planetarium HD

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Ages 8 and up

A planetarium for discovering space. Its ultra-bright LED light and lens project high-definition images.

The planetarium rotates.

Three discs included: the Milky Way, the constellations and the solar system.

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Ages 8 and up

A metal microscope with glass optics and eyepieces for high-quality observations!

3 zooms: X 100 - X 250 - X 1000 HD

Numerous accessories included: slides, forceps, vials, mixer, labels, Petri dish, micro-slicer...

Multilingual, full-color illustrated manual.

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Age 8 and up

With the screwdriver included, assemble the elements to construct your pinball machine.

Connect the components with the no-solder connectors: bumpers, LEDs and the score table.

Personalise your pinball machine with stickers.

The electronic board emits sounds whenever the ball hits the bumpers and keeps track of players' scores.

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Age 8 and up

Assemble the giant 85 cm skeleton to learn about anatomy.

The bones have a realistic texture and colour.

The skeleton is fully articulated and the child can place it in any position.

A base is supplied to stand the skeleton on a desk. The child can stick labels on the bones to identify them.

10 X-rays are included.

Buki - Wizard Chemistry

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Ages 8 and up

A cauldron to perform 30 magical experiments and become a real wizard!

Activate the whirlpool, light effects and smoke, and use the magic wands to surprise your audience!

Each wand has a secret trapdoor to hide powder or liquid.

As you pour in different ingredients, you'll observe some amazing chemical reactions!

Each instruction leaflet contains an explanation of each reaction.

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Discover Buki's 50 activities telescope, a reflective telescope with instructions for 50 activities to discover the starry sky, the planets and lunar craters.

Your child will be able to discover 50 activities that will teach them to use their telescope but also to create fun things such as a solar watch, a rocket, reproduce lunar phases or even eclipses. The experiments are detailed and explained in full colour instructions with photos and diagrams that are easy to understand.

A great gift for children who are curious and eager to discover new things.

Dimensions of the box: 51,50 x 16,50 x 29,70

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Ages 8 and up

A telescope that comes with an instruction sheet with 30 activities to discover the starry sky, the planets and the lunar landscape.

50 mm diameter lens and 2 interchangeable 20 mm and 4 mm eyepieces. 89 cm tripod. The tube and the tripod are made of metal.

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