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Learn how to reproduce figures smoothly.

Can be used from 18 months in free version, to assemble the pieces according to the child's wishes. Materials, shapes and colors stimulate young children to embed the wooden pieces endlessly.

From the age of 3 years, players will have to reconstruct the figures illustrated on the challenge pages by placing all the pieces in the same way as the model.

The first levels require to reproduce the clearly drawn configuration ("day" version).

The following ones ("night" version) reproduce the same drawings but only in the form of shadows, without the details of the pieces used. The players have to guess the organization of the parts to reproduce this illustration.

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6 years old - Adult
1 player
188 challenges

Play in 2D, 3D, or diagonal!

Discover the extra-large version of your pocket game IQ Puzzler Pro! Multiple levels to stimulate your brain!

188 challenges and three different game modes on an extra-large game board.

Discover the extra-large version of our pocket game IQ Puzzler Pro! A multi-level game to stimulate your brain!

The top of the board features a grid for 2D challenges and a separate grid for 3D pyramid challenges. At the bottom of the board is a completely different 2D challenge grid.

Find the 120 original IQ-Puzzler Pro challenges plus 68 additional challenges!

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A great new magnetic travel game!

All animals must get to their place in the ark - each side by side, in pairs, so all species stay together.

Arrange the puzzles pieces to ensure that all 10 animals have their feet on the floorboards, and that everyone is stationed on the boat!


Inside the box:
Booklet with magnetic grid, challenges and solutions, 10 puzzle pieces with animals

Dimensions :
16,2 x 15,8 x 1,5

What the experts say:

Playing Noahs Ark stimulates the following cognitive skills:
Concentration, Planning, Problem Solving, Spatial Insight

Warning :
Small parts

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8 years old-adult
1 player
60 challenges

A virus has entered one of your cells. Can you get rid of it before it has multiplied?

While the cell (the game board) contains little space, you will have to manage the movement of the molecules (coloured pieces) that are getting in the way of extracting the virus (red piece).

Positioning the only starting pieces as requested in the chosen challenge, you will have to program the movements of your elements in the right order to free the only space through which to let the intruder out.

Beware of contagion... fun to play!

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4-7 years old
1 player
48 challenges

Puzzle Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood is faced with a puzzle: he wants to visit his Grandmother. But the wolf, always hungry, would like to join them and get there first! The child helps Little Red Riding Hood by finding the solution to the 48 challenges. Finding these solutions develops the young player's logical mind.

Technical specifications :

Contents: 5 game tiles with a path segment and coloured flowers, 2 figurines, 3 trees, 1 house, a booklet of 48 challenges of increasing difficulty, a comic strip without text telling the original story.

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Follow the clues. Find the diamond!

Enter the SmartGames Diamond Mine, dig up all the gems and discover the location of the red diamond. Use the "wealth" of information offered by the clues and hints in each challenge to help you. The deeper you dig, the more your deduction skills will be tested! Diamond Quest is a unique puzzle game that offers 80 challenges, from easy to expert.

Challenges: 80

In the box:

Game board, 12 colorful jewels and a large red diamond. Booklet with 80 challenges and solutions.

What the experts say:
Playing Diamond Quest stimulates the following cognitive abilities:
Concentration, logic, planning, problem solving, visual perception.

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A puzzle with patterns... in 3D!

Can you create 3D patterns with the 8 colorful puzzles and their 8 white counterparts? Put your spatial, logic and deduction skills to work as you create cubes with a unique color pattern in each challenge! The clear tray opens to become your game board.

Sweet and yummy, they crunch under the tooth and sometimes contain tasty chips... These are cookies! Will you accept ours?