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Kipod CreaTv

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Kipod CreaTV

Draw your own script – and be your own movie director
When imaginary story & drawing becomes a MOTION PICTURE.Draw your own script – and be your own movie director.A cool set for developing the child’s creative imagination.

Incl.: one wooden TV box + 5 coloring rolls (1m) + 1 mega drawing paper roll (40m)

Dimensions: 17 x 20 x 15 cm
Weight: 690g

Kipod Bare Wood

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Kipod offers a wide range of creative and fun wooden products. All the products can be customised or imagined by the children, who can then play with them.

This very cute bear, entirely made of wood, is easy to assemble, without glue or tools. You can paint it as you wish, with the included paints, to give it the look you want, and make it an absolutely unique decorative object.


  • 19 wooden elements to be assembled, made of natural pine
  • 6 small pots of acrylic paint
  • 2 brushes (one fine and one wide)

Dimensions (bear): 28 x 5 x 24 cm
Weight: 950g

Kipod Creativity Board

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The creativity board has been designed to be played with and by the whole family, letting your imagination run wild.
10 in 1 !!!
Creativity board and cubes that allow children to create and play creatively.
You can play alone, with 2 or in a group.

Age: 4+

Dimensions: 30x28x3cm

Material: Beech and MDF

Kipod Make & Match

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Ages: 4+

The printing is done on the wooden coins using special printing stickers.
Fun and creative game for the development of memory, fine motor skills and creativity.

Size: 21x18x7 cm
Material: Beech Wood

Kipod Flupieez

Price CHF29.90
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Creative and fun weaving kit that enables kids to create adorable Hand Puppets.
Creative simple weaving set, enabling the child
To use charming yarn and wood parts puppets.
Great fun – and great for upgrading motor skills.

Age : 5+

Size : 13x25x13 cm
Material : Beech Wood

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Each batch of matriochkas contains dozens of rubber elements that fit into the faces of these dolls like no other. Moustaches, nose, mouths, ears, straight, curved or twisted eyes... The choice is huge! Doesn't it remind you of those famous potato-shaped men? Except that here, there is no plastic, and a multitude of possible creations.


  • 3 matriochka dolls in natural and painted wood (water-based color, non toxic)
  • 35 elements made of latex-free TPR rubber with natural dyestuffs
  • 1 fabric storage bag

Dimensions: 10 x 24 x 10 cm

Weight: approx. 450 g

From 3 years old

Kipod WoodyGami

Price CHF25.90
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An enjoyable and stimulating creative kit for the development of fine motor skills and creative thinking


  • 3 wooden bodies
  • 100 coloured origami papers
  • Instructions

From the age of 5.

KIPOD wants to contribute to learning through discovery. The idea of KIPOD is that children first make their toys before playing with them. Most kits can be used over and over again. Wood, paper, wool are recurring parts in KIPOD boxes.

Kipod Sticar

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To each his own...

StiCar is an active creativity kit where everyone can create their own race track and decorate the cars using different types of washi tape. A fun activity to develop imagination and creativity! You can create a series of different tracks and enjoy a new creation every time you play with a StiCar toy.

All KIPOD products are made of beech wood and high quality materials, all perfectly safe for children.

Included: two wooden cars and 6 rolls of adhesive tape (1 for the road and 5 for car decoration).

Minimum length of adhesive tape "Road": 5 metres

Dimensions (packaging): 25x10.5x10.5 cm

Perfect for children between 4 and 10 years old.

Kipod Stangram

Price CHF24.90
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Create your own stamps, place the stamps on the stamp holder according to the instruction sheets, and stamp on the colouring book or any other page, then decorate the colouring book with the stamp.

A great creative experience alongside the development of imagination, creativity and fine motor skills for children.

Adapted from the famous Tangram jigsaw and puzzle, this set allows you to create more than 90 different stamps using the magnetic pieces.

Includes: 7 pieces of Tangram and holder for magnetic wooden stamps, ink pad, colouring and drawing book, 3 double-sided cards with dozens of examples of stamps to make.

Dimensions (packaging): 31 x 22 x 6 cm.

Perfect for children between 4 and 10 years old.

Availability: 4 In Stock

A unique concept that teaches children all about mechanics in motion.

The special combination of wood and rubber allows children to play with a cool animal that can bounce high or spin around like a spinning top.

Dimensions: 6x20x6 cm

Materials: beech wood and rubber bands

From 4 years old

kipod MaskCreate

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Make infinite mask combinations.

  • Creative activity to create over 30 fun animal and creature mask combinations.
  • Easy-to-follow illustrated instruction cards.
  • Helps develop the child's creativity and imagination.

Guaranteed results every time.

For children 4 years and older

Kipod Holiboo

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Holiboo is a construction game designed to improve the child's imagination and motor skills in a playful and stimulating way.
It is possible to create a small family with small pieces of furniture by assembling different wooden shapes.
The pieces can be assembled in many ways to create a greater variety of toys.

Good to know - all our products are made from high quality materials, all perfectly safe for children to use.

For ages 5 and up

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