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Helvetiq Kartel

For 2-6 playersFrom 6 years oldAbout 15 min. Rules in DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, NLThe circle of crimeThe days of the cartel are numbered. The players are going after him. Arrest the henchmen to win points, provided they put their big boss behind bars.Players take turns advancing the detective by rolling the dice. With each roll, the vice tightens.Kartel is a...
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Bioviva - J'aide mon enfant à ... Bien gérer les écrans...

6+1 à 6 joueurs Télévision, ordinateur, smartphone, tablette, console… Les écrans font aujourd’hui partie du quotidien de nos enfants. Nombre de parents se sentent démunis et débordés par ce phénomène. Préparer une soirée cinéma en famille ou mettre en place un emploi du temps sont autant d’activités efficaces, ludiques et faciles pour bien gérer les...
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Bioviva Farmy'Up The Crazy Farm Game

2-4 playersFrom 5 years old20 minutes of playRoll the dice in the 3D "throwing dice" farm. Chicken? Cow ? Fruit ? In a great moment of madness, who will be the first to catch the right wooden puck?With Farmy'up, a game of speed and deduction, the child becomes familiar with the elements of the farm, from the henhouse to the vegetable garden.Contents: 4...
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BRIO Deluxe Railway Set

Here is the most complete BRIO tour, a tour that brings together the worlds of passengers and freight and includes accessories for each theme such as passenger and freight trains, the subway, the container ship or even roads, stations, cranes and bridges. A must for all train lovers! Delivered in a fold-out storage box, which can be transformed into a...
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BRIO Gold Mountain Set

Transporting heavy and valuable freight or entire trains on the water with BRIO? No problem! No imaginary sea is too wide, too wild or too deep for the BRIO train. When the container ship with its cargo reaches the port, only the harbour bridge needs to be opened to allow the ship to pass. Then the freight locomotive will be waiting in the harbour, whose...
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BRIO Action Tunnels Pack Smart Tech

Here is a set of 2 smart gates that trigger actions when your Smart Tech locomotive passes underneath. When the locomotive passes underneath, it emits a sound and acts according to the icon indicated at the top of the BRIO gate: if it's a turtle, the Smart Tech locomotive makes a choo-choo sound and emits a braking noise as it slows down; if it's a...
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BRIO Cargo train

Following in the footsteps of the BRIO trains that generations of children have played with, here is the tanker train. This train has a locomotive with a hood that lifts up and two cars: one with a wooden load and the other with a tanker. The BRIO Tank Train with load works perfectly with all the toys in the BRIO World range.3 years and up Dimensions:...
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Cuboro Tricky Ways Fasal

For 2-4 playersFrom 6 years oldAbout 30 minutes of playFun educational game for children and mental exercise for adultsWith "Cuboro tricky ways", the board game from Cuboro, you constantly find new and long paths to different destination fields. The longer a path is, the more points it earns. Cuboro, the ingenious marble course system becomes an...
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Djeco - Puzzlo Music

4+Wooden puzzle of 35 pieces.A wooden jigsaw puzzle composed of 35 pieces that can be placed in a frame to compose a beautiful picture with a deliciously retro look: an improvised orchestra with friends.Dimensions of the support: 42 x 30 x 1 cmPuzzle size: 40 x 28 cmNumber of rooms: 35 roomsMaterial: wooden toyDesign: Ben Newman
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Djeco Easy Origami Délices

From 5 to 10 years In this creative box, your child will find all the materials to create origami on the theme of desserts.Ice cream cone, muffin, sundae, Eskimo or cupcake, they are all there to witness the precision of his gestures.Thanks to the folding areas and the booklet that guides him, the art of folded paper will soon know no more secrets for...
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DJECO Observation Puzzle - The Farm

A beautiful universe to discover in this Djeco observation puzzle rich in details and surprises.Your child will create his puzzle and then find in the picture the elements of the frieze!He will also be able to hang the puzzle poster on his bedroom wall.A very nice idea for a fun and educational gift for children :)Number of pieces: 35 pcsAge: 3+.Size: 61...
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Djeco Sardines

2-4 playersFrom 5 years old15 minutes of playA very original game of observation and memory.Players have a few seconds to observe the sardines before the card is turned over. The 5 cards placed face down in front of each player are then revealed. If the player recognizes in his game sardines dressed in the same way as those in the can, he wins the...
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