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Bioviva - Gym Animo

2-6 playersFrom 3 years oldThe game that's got the itch!Multilingual version FR - EN - ES - DE - IT - NLJumps like a kangaroo, walks like an elephant, imitates a butterfly...With Gym Animo, children, alone or in groups, slip into the shoes of small animals to perform tests and postures and advance along the course to be the first player to cross the...
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Bioviva - Enigmes? Le grand jeu (French version)

2-8 joueursDès 8 ansVersion en français Connaissances, rapidité, adresse.Trouvez les réponses aux énigmes pour propulser vos jetons sur la piste.Augmentez votre score, feintez vos adversaires… mais prenez garde aux pièges.Partez à la découverte du Monde, de la Nature, des Sciences, de l'Histoire et des Arts au travers d'indices drôles et percutants dans...
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HABA Bi-Ba Boxenstopp

3+2-4 players HABA's "BI-BA" dice game will light up the eyes of Formula 1 fans !$Contents:     1 tray of ju     4 cars     36 supply-stand plates     2 coloured dice     1 rule of the game Material:Plastic, cardboard and woodThree, two, one, go! Players must score as many points as possible by lacing up the dice to complete the course as quickly as...
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HABA La Potion des Sorciers

5+2-4 playersDuration of a game: 30minThe apprentice sorcerers are gathered around the magic cauldron to prepare, according to symbols and colours, different elixirs by turning over the right "ingredient" tiles. The first to get the right mix of magic potions will win the game. Rules in : Spanish, Dutch, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
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Game Factory - Robot Face Race

6-10 years old2-4 playersA game of observation and attention in which players must find the right robot head.     Sorting and colour recognition game.     Improves the perception of features and colours.     The large tray measures 40 cm on each side. Shake the holder with the balls to determine the color of the robot's face, nose, eyes and mouth and find...
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Blue Orange - Panic Mansion

6+2-4 playersDuration of a game: 30minWill you be able to escape from the Manor Inferno with your pockets full of treasure?The walls are trembling, worrying monsters are in your way. Arm yourself with courage and skill, and you might just make it through this extraordinary game ... of mortals!
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Bioviva - Viva Montanya

4+2-6 playersGoal of the game:Hurry, the mountain is in danger! A lot of rubbish has been left on the mountain and the snow is likely to melt away. There is only one solution: find the animals of the Pyrenean fauna hidden under the rubbish and put the rubbish in the right bins before the snow melts.An opportunity to make the youngest ones aware, in a...
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COQ6GRUE - Super Bataille

2 à 4 joueurs
Durée moyenne d'une partie : 10 minutes
Des super pouvoirs, des super héroïnes et héros pour une super bataille ! 

 Loisirs créatifs

 Si l'enfant est trop impatient, il est possible de ne réaliser que le collage des autocollants super pouvoirs avant de jouer. Le reste de la partie créative pourra être fait dans un second temps.

 Il y...
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COQ6GRUE - Mistigrue

4+De 2 à 4 joueurs Durée moyenne d'une partie : 10 minutes Le fameux mistigri revu par Coq6grue. Voilà le Mistigrue ! Loisirs créatifsIl y a 3 étapes qui peuvent être réalisées dans l'ordre souhaité. Le temps total de loisirs créatifs est d'environ 2h. Si l'enfant est trop impatient, il est possible de jouer dès ouverture de la boîte et de réaliser la...
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Haba - Saute Lapin

4-99 years old2-4 players15min gamePrediction gameEverybody is busy on the rabbit island. A giant gold carrot is shining on the horizon! It's time to harvest the carrots, but unfortunately the rabbits can't swim. That's why they plunge big stones into the water and put planks on top to form bridges. But beware: whoever does not estimate the length of the...
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HABA - 3D Mix assembly set

3-99 years1-2 players3D wooden assembly set to build shapes in a creative and geometric way. U and T shapes allow to create a multitude of 3D or flat constructions. Thick and stable parts allow for sophisticated and balanced creations.The realization of models requires reflection and gives ideas for new constructions. Alone or in groups, children can give...
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Ravensburger - HOCUS POCUS

6+2-3 players10-15min gameOops! There are splashes and bubbles in the witch's kitchen! Smelly mushrooms are flying in the air, as well as one or two slimy eyes. Which of the student witches uses his magic wand best and leaves the ingredients for his magic potion - hocus-pocus, flip-bus! - the fastest way to jump into his cauldron? Let the ingredients fly...
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