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Spinmaster - Perplexus Epic

10+You thought you'd seen it all? Take on the ultimate Perplexus Epic challenge! Perplexus Epic is a sphere containing a ball that you will have to move through an amazing maze!To complete this colourful journey you will need to adapt your dexterity to the three dimensions.
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Spinmaster - Perplexus Rebel

8+Perplexus Rebel, the beginner's model for lovers of games of skill. With its 70 easy to moderate obstacles, this model is ideal for entering the three-dimensional world of Perplexus.However, without patience and a calm hand you will not be able to master the 3D labyrinth.
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Spinmaster Perplexus Sidewinder

8+ Can you solve two mazes simultaneously?Built into this puzzle are two sets of overlapping mazes. For each one, you have to turn the top maze this way and that to create a pathway for the ball to get from the edge to the center and back.But here's the catch: The two sets are connected gears - When you turn one, the other one turns too!Which means, you...
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