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Game Factory - Chakra

8+1-4 players30 min of playA strategy for achieving harmony. Channel your energies, harmonize your chakras and reach the highest level of achievement. The simple rules guarantee a quick start, and the pleasant mix of fluidity and tactics ensures both relaxation and excitement!
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Game Factory - Dweebies (Franch Version)

6+2-6 joueurs20min de jeu Les Dweebies sont lâchés. Ce jeu de cartes sympa et facile peut néanmoins donner du fil à retordre aux joueurs. 27 Dweebies différents peuvent être rares ou fréquents dans le jeu. Et ce n'est que si deux Dweebies identiques se trouvent au début et à la fin d'une rangée ou colonne que le joueur peut prendre toutes les cartes de la...
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Game Factory - Klask

8+ 2 players10 minutesKLASK - an epic magnetic battle. 2 players - Move! Dodge! Attack! Score! The premise of the award-winning magnetic game KLASK is unique, exciting and unlike any other game! This great action-packed clash will have no one in the room stopping to play Move fast but be tactical too: Move with speed and be a tactician: KLASK requires...
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Game Factory - Klask 4

8+2-4 players15-20min gameIn position, shoot, a well-targeted shot, goal! And your teammate already has less points on his account. The new KLASK 4 in round form and for four players makes this action-packed duel game an epic competition for victory. The captivating and magnetic playing experience is unique and instantly seduces, and you play again and...
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Game Factory - Robot Face Race

6-10 years old2-4 playersA game of observation and attention in which players must find the right robot head.     Sorting and colour recognition game.     Improves the perception of features and colours.     The large tray measures 40 cm on each side. Shake the holder with the balls to determine the color of the robot's face, nose, eyes and mouth and find...
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Game Factory Leo muss zum Friseur (FR + DE version)

2-5 playersFrom 6 years old30 minutes of play
Leo muss zum Friseur! (French and German version)Leo's gonna cut his mane off because it's literally going over his head. But Leo hangs around a bit and likes to chat with the animals he meets along the way.Help Leo get to Bobo the barber before his mane blocks his view!Content30 tiles20 travel cards1 starting...
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Game Factory Sleeping Queens

Game Factory Sleeping Queens 2-5 playersFrom 7 years old15 minutes of play
Wake up! 12 enchanted queens are deep in the land of sleep, dreaming of brave kings who kiss them on awakening. But once awake, they are far from safe. Protect your queen with a vigilant dragon or a nimble wand and fight your enemies with an Iron Knight or a treacherous nightcap....
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