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Repos Production 7 Wonders jeu de base (French version)

Pour 2-7 joueursA partir de 10 ans30 minutes de jeu7 Wonders est un nouveau genre de jeu ayant reçu plus de 30 récompenses dans le monde entier. Les joueurs (de 2 à 7) vont développer une civilisation en 30 minutes.Dans le jeu "7 Wonders", les joueurs gèrent les relations commerciales d'une des plus grandes cités de l'Antiquité. Il s'agit d'exploiter les...
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Repos Production Time's Up Kids 1 avec buzzer (French...

Pour 4-12 joueursA partir de 4 ans20 minutes de jeu environTime's Up! Kids - Le Time's Up ! des plus petits ! Avec Time's Up! Kids, l'indispensable jeu d'ambiance de Repos Production est maintenant à la portée des plus petits. Plus besoin de savoir lire pour commencer à s'amuser ! Cette nouvelle version illustrée est coopérative, pour que les enfants...
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Cuboro Tricky Ways Fasal

For 2-4 playersFrom 6 years oldAbout 30 minutes of playFun educational game for children and mental exercise for adultsWith "Cuboro tricky ways", the board game from Cuboro, you constantly find new and long paths to different destination fields. The longer a path is, the more points it earns. Cuboro, the ingenious marble course system becomes an...
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Haba Cloud Maker

1-4 players4-99 years oldDuration of a game : 10 minutes of playCooperative memory and running game With rules in EN - DE - FR - IT - ES - NLEvery day, the weather boy and the crow concoct the weather together! But when the kitchen boy is away, the crow has to fend for itself and needs your help. A little luck with the dice and a good memory will allow...
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Haba Hedgehog Haberdash

2-4 players3-99 years oldDuration of a game : 10 minutes of playMemory and collection game With rules in EN - DE - FR - IT - ES - NL The hedgehog children are playing dress-up. They want to have big spines in their favorite colors. To do this, the players need to draw leaves with the right colored points out of the leaf bag, but be careful! The wind can...
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Blue Orange Kingdomino

2-4 players8+Less than 30 minutes of playIn Kingdomino, you play as a lord in search of land to expand his kingdom. Wheat fields, lakes, forests, green meadows, gold mines and magical swamps... you have to explore everything to find the best plots of land. But other lords covet the same lands as you do... Kingdomino is a domino game whose difficulty is...
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Blue Orange Queendomino

2-8 playersFrom 8 years oldLess than 30 minutes of playIn Queendomino, you embody a Lord in search of land to expand his Kingdom. Collect the best land and judiciously construct the most prestigious buildings, and who knows, you might even win the Queen's favor.But beware of the dragon and your cunning opponents! Queendomino is an independent game. It may...
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Repos Production Concept Kids Animaux (French version)

Pour 2-4 joueursA partir de 4 ans20 minutes de jeuConcept Kids Animaux est une version coopérative du jeu Concept adaptée aux enfants qui ne savent pas encore lire. Chacun a? leur tour, les enfants tentent de faire deviner un animal en posant des pions sur les icônes illustrées du plateau de jeu. Par ce moyen, l’enfant indique une caractéristique de...
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Haba Star Search

2-4 players6 years and up20 minutesFind the constellations quicklyIn the middle of the infinite expanse that is our universe, the navigation systems of the turbo rockets stopped working! Who can still find their way home? Sparkling constellations point the way, and the new mission is: Star Search! Only eagle eyes and a little luck with the dice lets the...
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Bioviva Farmy'Up The Crazy Farm Game

2-4 playersFrom 5 years old20 minutes of playRoll the dice in the 3D "throwing dice" farm. Chicken? Cow ? Fruit ? In a great moment of madness, who will be the first to catch the right wooden puck?With Farmy'up, a game of speed and deduction, the child becomes familiar with the elements of the farm, from the henhouse to the vegetable garden.Contents: 4...
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Game Factory Leo muss zum Friseur (FR + DE version)

2-5 playersFrom 6 years old30 minutes of play
Leo muss zum Friseur! (French and German version)Leo's gonna cut his mane off because it's literally going over his head. But Leo hangs around a bit and likes to chat with the animals he meets along the way.Help Leo get to Bobo the barber before his mane blocks his view!Content30 tiles20 travel cards1 starting...
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Days of Wonder The River (French version)

8+2-4 joueurs30-45 minutesVersion françaiseUn nouveau monde… De vastes terres à perte de vue… Votre navire s’engage sur un fleuve dont les rives fertiles constituent votre nouveau foyer. Étendez vos frontières, aménagez votre territoire et exploitez les gisements de ressources afin de construire les différents bâtiments qui feront de votre colonie la plus...
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