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Haba Monza

2-6 players5-99 years10-15 minutes of playA fast and tactical racing game! Monza is a car racing game from HABA for cunning players. Six colorful and wooden racing cars are on the starting line for the big race. Whoever gets the right colors with the dice and is smart enough to combine them will advance very fast and win this exciting race. Monza is a...
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Blackrock Games - Gaïa (French Version)

8+2 à 5 joueursEnviron 30 minutes À l’aube des temps, alors que rien n’existe encore, vous vous préparez à créer le monde. Rien ne semble plus facile : vous êtes doté d'immenses pouvoirs et d’une imagination sans limites. Mais au moment où vous façonnez les premières montagnes et insufflez les premières étincelles de vie sur les plaines et les forêts...
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Space Cowboys - Jamaica

8+30min - 1h2-6 playersGerman, French, English Jamaica, 1675. After a long career in piracy, Captain Henry Morgan was appointed Governor of Jamaica, with explicit orders to rid the Caribbean of pirates and buccaneers! Instead, he invited all his former "colleagues" to join him in his retirement, to enjoy the fruits of their plunder with impunity. Every...
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Filosofia - Aquarium (FRench Version)

10+Français   30mn à 1h 2 à 6 joueur(s) Dans Aquarium, les joueurs doivent acheter des poissons assortis pour récolter des points... mais à quel prix ? Croisez les doigts tandis que vos adversaires changent votre offre, ajoutent des poissons, en échangent d’autres, voire en doublent la valeur ! Terminez la partie avec le plus de poissons possibles... si...
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HABA Bi-Ba Boxenstopp

3+2-4 players HABA's "BI-BA" dice game will light up the eyes of Formula 1 fans !$Contents:     1 tray of ju     4 cars     36 supply-stand plates     2 coloured dice     1 rule of the game Material:Plastic, cardboard and woodThree, two, one, go! Players must score as many points as possible by lacing up the dice to complete the course as quickly as...
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HABA La Potion des Sorciers

5+2-4 playersDuration of a game: 30minThe apprentice sorcerers are gathered around the magic cauldron to prepare, according to symbols and colours, different elixirs by turning over the right "ingredient" tiles. The first to get the right mix of magic potions will win the game. Rules in : Spanish, Dutch, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
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Game Factory - Robot Face Race

6-10 years old2-4 playersA game of observation and attention in which players must find the right robot head.     Sorting and colour recognition game.     Improves the perception of features and colours.     The large tray measures 40 cm on each side. Shake the holder with the balls to determine the color of the robot's face, nose, eyes and mouth and find...
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Blue Orange - Panic Mansion

6+2-4 playersDuration of a game: 30minWill you be able to escape from the Manor Inferno with your pockets full of treasure?The walls are trembling, worrying monsters are in your way. Arm yourself with courage and skill, and you might just make it through this extraordinary game ... of mortals!
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Ravensburger - ASARA

9-99 2-4 players 60 min As wealthy builders, players seek to increase their prestige by constructing the highest, grandest and largest number of towers over the course of 4 rounds. Building blocks and different sections of tower (base / trunk / window / turret) are purchased from each area of the market. Pit your skills against your rivals and win!...
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Hurrican - Naga Raja

9+2 joueurs30min - 1h En Inde, les temples jumeaux de deux divinités oubliées renfermant d'antiques reliques viennent d'être découverts. Pour vous emparer de ces trésors, vous devrez traverser un dédale en perpétuel mouvement et affronter votre rival de toujours... Mais attention, rassembler les trois reliques maudite de maléfique Garuda vous serait...
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Haba - Saute Lapin

4-99 years old2-4 players15min gamePrediction gameEverybody is busy on the rabbit island. A giant gold carrot is shining on the horizon! It's time to harvest the carrots, but unfortunately the rabbits can't swim. That's why they plunge big stones into the water and put planks on top to form bridges. But beware: whoever does not estimate the length of the...
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ORIGAMES - Cryptide

10+3-5 joueurs30min-1h de jeu Partez à la recherche de votre cryptide ! Le jeu Cryptide vous propose de vivre le temps d'une partie, la vie palpitante d'un cryptozoologue, un expert étudiant les cryptides, ces animaux dont l'existence formelle n'a pu être prouvée scientifiquement. Au cours d'une enquête de terrain, tentez de retrouver votre créature de...
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